Jazz Choir Scotland offers a programme of workshops for organisations, choirs, workplaces and schools who wish to explore The Art of Vocal Jazz.

Our workshops cover the key areas involved in vocal jazz and are always tailored to the needs of the group and individuals who will be taking part. 

Workshop Examples

Workshop Performance
  • Exploring Swing and Latin rhythms in songs. Aimed at organisations, workplaces, corporate events and conferences.
  • For choral groups, community choirs, and others who wish to explore Jazz rhythms and add variety to concert programmes.
  • For Music Educators and Musical Directors.  Can also be used as part of Continuing Professional Development.
  • As fundraising events.
  • For Festivals.

Areas Covered

Workshop Exercise
  • Art of Vocal Jazz
  • Vocal Jazz Literature
  • Solo Jazz Performance
  • Efficient and Educational Rehearsals
  • Improvisation and Scat Singing
  • Jazz Theory and Chords
Vocal Jazz Workshop
Vocal Jazz Workshop Attendees

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