Only sing – don’t do cheap songs, don’t do silly songs, just do, just do wonderful songs that are well-written” – Frank Sinatra

We Love Singing Songs … Jazz Style!

Jim Clelland Trio

Jazz Choir Scotland offers classical and choral singers the opportunity to sing a wide selection of songs in a variety of Jazz styles and perform them regularly at concerts with live musicians.

Our extensive repertoire includes Swing, Pop, Rock, Blues, Soul and Latin songs performed over the years by well-known vocalists and vocal groups, from the 1940’s right through to modern times.

Jim Clelland Singers

Jazz Choir - Jim Clelland Singers
Jim Clelland Singers

The Jim Clelland Singers is Jazz Choir Scotland’s vocal jazz ensemble led by Musical Director and accomplished jazz pianist, Jim Clelland. The ensemble sings a wide variety of arrangements of well-known songs, puts on concerts regularly and is available to book for concerts, festivals, corporate functions, weddings and special occasions.

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Vocal Jazz Workshops

Vocal Jazz Workshop
Vocal Jazz Workshop Attendees

Jazz Choir Scotland offers a programme of workshops for corporate events, commercial organisations, choral and community choirs, workplaces and individuals who wish to explore The Art of Vocal Jazz.  Our workshops and masterclasses cover the key areas involved in vocal jazz and are always tailored to the needs of the group and individuals who will be taking part

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